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Tito’s vs Grey Goose: A Complete Guide (2024 UPDATED)

Tito’s vs Grey Goose

Last Updated on March 3, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Tito’s vs Grey Goose has always been long-time rivals in the vodka department. Both are known as versatile and popular vodka brands, but aside from the price, there are other aspects where these vodkas vary from one another. 

Check out our head-to-head comparison between these incredible spirit brands!  

Tito’s vs Grey Goose: Which is A Better Vodka?

The better choice boils down to who’s tasting it as both vodka brands bring something unique to the table.

Tito’s vodka uses yellow corn as a base which results in its subtle sweetness.

The slightly sweet taste also makes it ideal even when drunk straight when compared to Grey Goose.

tito's vs grey goose

Grey Goose, on the other hand, beats Tito’s in variety. This is also considered one of the most mixable vodkas.

Essentially, each vodka brand caters to a specific crowd. 

What is Tito’s Vodka?

Tito’s handmade vodka (yes, you read that right) is not only for marketing. The founder started making this drink single-handedly with self-built pot stills in 1997.

However, after two decades of making handmade liquor, Fifth Generation now manufactures their spirits. 

Tito’s Vodka: Tito's vs Grey Goose

As mentioned above, yellow corn is used in the manufacturing process of their vodkas. The maize leads to a particular saccharine taste.

Each bottle of vodka is distilled six times for a smooth finish. Some even say that this brand provides the best value at a very affordable price.

Learn what to mix with Tito’s vodka here

What is Grey Goose?

On the other hand, Grey Goose Vodkas is made from wheat, and the alcohol in their bottles is distilled once. Despite using wheat as a base, the liquor they produce is considered gluten-free.

Unlike Tito’s, Grey Goose offers more spice minus the sugary hint.

Grey Goose

Grey Goose is the preferred choice for mixed drinkers since their alcohol is perfect for cocktail preparation.

If you want it neat, all you have to do is select a bottle from its six flavors and essences. Some say that Le Citron is the best!

Their Differences

Their Differences


Tito’s handmade vodka originated in 1997 when the founder, Bert “Tito” Beveridge, started making the alcohol using his self-built pot stills. [1]

It took only four years for this alcohol brand to soar as they became one of the big players in the market. 

On the other hand, Sidney Frank conceived the idea of Grey Goose in the same year.

He partnered with a French cognac producer in setting up the company, and the two have been long-time competitors in the vodka market ever since. 


Tito’s is based in Austin, Texas, where Tito Beveridge started the company, while Grey Goose’s location is a bit more complicated.

6th Street, Austin, Texas

Sidney Frank is an American businessman who partnered with a Cognac guy from France and established the business there [2].

Grey Goose’s drinks are distilled and come from France, which is a major difference that sets them apart from other vodka companies.

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Company Background

Sidney Frank chose France as their home base in order to give the “premium vodka vibe” to American consumers. The bottle in itself screams high-end vodka with its tall and smoked glass.

It was awarded one of the best vodka tastes in 1998 before Bacardi acquired it in 2004.

Tito’s, on the other hand, is now manufactured by Fifth Generation. Their edge against other vodkas is the handmade process each glass undergoes, which is a great marketing strategy. But is Tito’s vodka really good?

“It is cleverly marketed and cheaply priced.”

– Keith Bodine, Wine Maker, Distiller

Available Varieties 

Tito’s yellow corn vodka does not have many variants, and they decided to stick with the unflavored palate. While Grey Goose, on the other hand, has a few flavorful variants up its sleeve.

Some of them include the Grey Goose Cherry Noir, Le Citron vodka flavor (which is based on lemon), La Vanille flavor (which has hints of vanilla), and Le Melon flavor.

The flavored beverages are great on their own, but mixing this spirit to make cocktails is even better.

Aroma & Flavor

Tito’s and Grey Goose are hardly premium vodkas, but their quality is absolutely commendable.

The aroma of Tito’s has a sweet element to it due to the maize. It’s slick with not much burn and does not have a bitter finish at all. 

Grey Goose with lime

While Grey Goose, on the other hand, boasts of various flavored bottled vodka. However, their brand is not as smooth as Tito’s.

This brand is great if you drink it neat, but much better if you mix it up with other flavor juices.

Alcohol Level

There is almost no difference between both vodka brands when it comes to power.

The distilled alcohol content of Tito’s and Grey Goose sits at 40% ABV, which means that each drink is powerful enough to knock you out cold.

The Grey Goose wheat brand has great mixed drink recipes as this dilutes the punch of each shot in the flavored cocktail. While for those who are hard drinkers, Tito’s vodkas are best taken neat!

Base Ingredients/Dominant Grain

One difference between these two vodka brands is their origins. Tito’s is made from distilled yellow corn, while the Grey Goose vodka brand primarily uses wheat.

Despite their highly starchy origins, both Tito’s and Grey Goose brands are actually gluten-free

The carbs from the maize and wheat are reduced in the process, just like what they do with those brands that are using potatoes in the manufacturing process.

Aside from the flavor, corn is used because it is easy to get and is economically viable. 

Distillation & Production Process

Tito’s vodka is made from yellow corn, and the distillation process is repeated six times for an even smoother finish.

On the other hand, the wheat-borne Grey Goose vodka is distilled once, explaining the somewhat bitter taste.

Vodka Energy Intensive Process

Nonetheless, the mixability and the various flavored beverages of this vodka brand help mask the traces of its bitterness.

All you have to do is check for countless recipes and mix-and-match each flavor!


The price of Tito’s is amazing for the quality that its consumers get. The vodka is tasty on the mouth, easy on the throat, and has a smooth finish.

Meanwhile, you might shell out more bucks with Grey Goose in exchange for flavor variety. 

The high price of this vodka is perhaps attributed to its sophistication when compared with other vodka brands.

A higher asking price is given, especially if your vodka is shipped from the same place where most brands of wine are produced.


Are Grey Goose and Tito’s vodka excellent partners for a martini?

Yes. Both vodka brands can be used as mixers for martini.

However, the slightly saccharine flavor of Tito’s can disrupt the martini, and the Grey Goose brand of vodka may fit the bill better as the lack of flavor of their vodkas makes it a great option for martini mixes. But how many shots are in a martini?

Which is more popular, Grey Goose or Tito’s?

Tito’s and Grey Goose are both popular brands in their own ways.

The first brand is famous for its handmade title and its smooth and neat finish, while Tito’s is popular because of the flavor varieties used for its mixed drinks. Aside from that, Tito’s is also regarded as a status symbol.

In Summary

Tito’s Vodka vs Grey Goose has been battling it out in the vodka industry for the longest time. Both are great vodka brands in their own ways, but they cater to different crowds.

Tito’s is for the conventional people who take their shot neat and straight from the bottle, while Grey Goose’s is geared towards the mixed-beverage-loving crowd.

For those who seek sophistication and status symbols in their vodka choices, then Grey Goose’s is the vodka for you.


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