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How Long Is Blanton’s Bourbon Aged? Explained (2023 Updated)

how long is blanton's aged

Last Updated on August 21, 2023 by Lydia Martin

When John Wick held a Blanton’s bourbon bottle, bourbon enthusiasts started to get hold of the spirit like crazy.

However, a typical bottle of Blanton’s bourbon does not carry an age statement, which piqued their interests more, especially those looking to score an aged, rare bottle.  

But really, how long is Blanton’s aged? Our team has taken the time to dig further to find a solid answer. 

All About Blanton’s Age

Blanton’s Bourbon

It’s widely assumed that Blanton’s bourbon is aged anywhere from six to eight years, even though it does not have the age statement labeled clearly on the bottle. 

Buffalo Trace Distillery ages this elusive bottle inside a metal-clad warehouse known as Warehouse H. This iconic warehouse was commissioned for construction by Albert B. Blanton himself. 

A metal warehouse transfers heat faster than traditional brick warehouses, allowing the barrels to age faster.

Most barrel selections from Buffalo Trace are also especially sourced from this warehouse. 

Theories On How Long It Is Aged

Theories On How Long It Is Aged 6 – 8 Years

While Buffalo Trace has yet to disclose Blanton’s age statement, many assume that this bourbon has aged anywhere from six to eight years. The bottles come from a single barrel in Warehouse H. 

9 Years

Blanton’s Bourbon Oak Barrels

Some variants, like the Blanton’s Red Single Barrel, are rumored to be aged for about nine years.

The spirit has taken on much of the dark color from the charred oak barrels, thanks to those extra years. 

Minimum of 4 Years

Many people speculate that Blanton’s is only aged for the minimum legal requirement: four years and one day.

After all, straight bourbons aged over the minimum legal requirement don’t have to carry an age statement. 

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Rules In Aging Bourbons 

Bourbon' Aging Process

A bottle labeled “straight bourbon” means that the spirit has aged for a minimum of two years inside new, charred oak barrels. 

Brands are not required to disclose the age statement if the bourbon has been aged for a minimum of four years.

Anything less than four years requires the brand to state how old the bourbon is on its bottle. 

A bottled-in-bond label [1] also has a minimum age requirement of four years and must be bottled at 50 percent ABV (100 proof). 

If you don’t see an age statement on the bottle, it’s likely because it was made with a blend of bourbons with varying age statements. 

Younger bourbons are often combined with older bourbons to achieve the flavor profile the distillery is looking for. 

Possible Reasons Why It Doesn’t Have Age Statement 

  • The age of the barrel doesn’t matter to them but rather the profile of the bourbon itself. If it’s only spent five years aging, but they’ve achieved the signature Blanton’s profile, it’s good enough for bottling. 
  • The metal Warehouse H in Buffalo Trace Distillery allows for faster aging, considering it transfers heat faster during the warm months. They don’t have to wait eight years when six years can do the trick. 


Does Blanton’s bourbon get better with age?

Yes, Blanton’s bourbon does get better with age, considering the spirit is still inside the barrel.

However, there could be too much maturation — meaning you lose most of the grain profile from the mash bill, replaced with too much wood and oak from the barrels.

According to many distillers, the sweet spot of aging bourbon is anywhere from five to twelve years. 

Will tasting Blanton’s bourbon reveal its age?

Yes, you can guess how old Blanton’s is by tasting it. However, it might not be an accurate guess, as Buffalo Trace hasn’t revealed the brand’s age statement.

We can assume that all of their bottles are aged a minimum of four years. 

So, How Long Is Blanton’s Bourbon Aged? 

Many people speculate that Blanton’s bottles are aged in the six to eight-year range, possibly even going into nine years.

However, we also believe that the selected barrels can be poured into the bottle in as short as four years if it’s achieved the signature flavor profile they are looking for. 

No one knows exactly how long Blanton’s bourbon is aged, and Buffalo Trace Distillery has no plans of disclosing that information to the public.

We assume that Blanton’s bourbons do not put so much emphasis on the age statement but rather on the quality of the spirit inside the barrels. 


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