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What Is A Good Chaser For Hennessy (2024 UPDATED)

Good Chasers For Hennessy

Last Updated on March 3, 2024 by Lydia Martin

What’s a good chaser for Hennessy? Hennessy is known for its spiced, rich flavor, and strong alcohol spirit. With this, some drinkers prefer drinking it with chasers than drinking it straight. Finding a good chaser for Hennesy will help neutralize the strong taste of the liquor. 

Our team compiled the top 8 good chasers for Hennesy to make your drink more enjoyable. 

8 Chasers Good For Hennessy 

8 Chasers Good For Hennessy

1. Coca Cola

Coca Cola on desk with glass

Soda is always a good choice for a Hennessy chaser. After sipping Hennesy, Coca-Cola’s familiar taste will neutralize the rich and strong taste of Cognac.

While Coca-Cola can be a popular mixer, you can drink it as a chaser if you prefer tasting Hennessy before neutralizing it. 

2. Infused Water

Drinking Hennessy with infused hot water as a chaser can be enjoyable instead of consuming it with a special hot toddy.

Our team highly recommends the infusion of vanilla or jasmine in hot water. In a mug, pour hot water with your choice of aromatic plant and put it on the side of your Hennessy straight shot.  

We highly recommend the infusion of vanilla or jasmine in hot water with your Hennessy.

– Liquor Laboratory

3. Iced Tea

Iced Tea on desk with lemon

If you want a refreshing chaser, iced tea can be a good option to go with Hennessy.

Iced tea creates an incredible twist on your palate after you take a shot of the Cognac.

In a glass with ice, pour 2 oz of unsweetened cold tea, 1 oz simple syrup, and 0.50 oz fresh lemon, then mix it well. But what goes good with cognac?

4. With Ice

Hennessy with ice and lemon on table

You can drink Hennesy with ice or on the rocks. In a glass, pour Hennessy, then dilute a couple of ice to reduce the alcohol percentage.

By doing this, the aroma and taste of the drink reveal its subtle difference compared to just drinking it straight.

In addition, the ice will also enhance the fruits and spices of Hennessy upon drinking it. But, how do you spot fake Hennessy?

5. Tonic

Tonic on desk

Tonic can be a great chaser to drink and enjoy your Cognac. Tonic is a bitter carbonated soft drink made from quinine.

The tones of fruit from iced tonic water go well with a sip of Hennessy. Tonic as your chaser for Hennessy is a good stimulant of appetite and digestion. 

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6. With Water or Soda

Water & Soda on table

Water or Soda as a chaser for Hennessy can be a good option if you want to wash out the taste of Hennessy Cognac after a sip.

At the same time, water or Soda can be a mixer that reveals another side of the Cognac.

In addition, consuming a straight cognac then following it up with water or Soda will not affect the drink’s taste. 

7. In A Cocktail

Cocktail on desk

Cocktails are loved by many, and you can mix Cognac with different flavors to make it a cocktail.

You can mix your cocktail with your choice of booze then use it as a chaser on your Hennessy.

Hennessy cocktails are easy to prepare, and drinking them on the side of Hennessy can be enjoyable and refreshing. But, is pure white Hennessy legal or not?

8. Cognac & Ginger Ale

A glass of cognac and ginger ale brands on table

The spicy taste of ginger ale and Cognac can be a good chaser for your Hennessy.

In a highball glass, pour a shot of your Cognac and a portion of ginger ale. The ginger ale has an exotic twist, so the taste is more sensual and exotic when combined with Cognac.

This mixture can be consumed after taking a shot of Hennessy.  

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What is Hennessy? 

Hennessy is a Cognac brandy that originated in Cognac, France, in 1765 [1].

Hennessy is made from Ugni Blanc grapes grown in Charente Region in Cognac, known for its affinity with fine liquors.

The grapes undergo fervent fermenting for two to three weeks after being pressed and yeasted to convert sugar to alcohol. 

What is Hennessy

Aside from being produced in Cognac, Hennesy is being distilled twice to transform the concoction into eau-de-vie, a transparent liquid with 70% alcohol.

The Cognac is now casked in oak barrels for at least two years to achieve the smooth taste and color of the brandy [2].

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What mixes well with Hennessy?

Coca-Cola mixes well with Hennessy. The flavor of coke combined with a rich-tasting Cognac-like Hennessy creates a well-enjoyed infusion.

The carbonated fizzy drink combined with Hennessy, ice, and a slice of lemon works best.

In addition, many Cognac and other Brandies aside from Hennessy mix their drink with Coca-Cola. So, how much Hennessy will get you drunk?

Is apple juice a good chaser for Hennessy?

Yes, apple juice is a good chaser for Hennessy. A freshly squeezed apple or a high-quality apple juice can be a good chaser that gives a sweet aftertaste to your shot with Hennessy.

The warmth of the Cognac and the sweetness of the apple juice is a refreshing and enjoyable drink. What other fruit juices are good with Hennessy?

So, What’s The Perfect Chaser For Hennessy?

Hennessy is one of the most versatile spirits you can taste, and it is best consumed neat because of its rich and smooth taste. However, drinking Hennessy with a good chaser elevates the aroma and draws different flavors to your drink. 

The good chaser for Hennessy neutralizes the strong spirit of the Cognac without eliminating the rich flavor of the brandy.


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