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What to Mix With Jameson: Our Top 8 Picks (2024 Updated)

What to Mix With Jameson

Jameson Irish whiskey is a versatile spirit that mixes well and easily with different flavors. There are several ways to make delicious Jameson drinks, so are you ready to run down the eight best mixers for this Irish whiskey?

Here’s what to mix with Jameson Irish whiskey that you will love and enjoy. 

8 Good Mixers To Try With Jameson

1. Coffee

top view of coffee in mug with coffee bean on a wooden table

When it comes to Jameson Irish whiskey, it is a bit of a no-brainer to know that coffee complements well with the distilled spirit. The bitter coffee and triple distilled whiskey are twice as smooth and a classic combination that is hard to beat. 

Nothing is more soul-warming than a classic Irish coffee, and if you want to save the hassle, a store-bought whipped cream comes in handy.

The bitterness of the coffee, the butteriness of whiskey, and the frothiness of whipped cream are modern classics. 

2. Vermouth

glass of Vermouth on a top of table

Another classic combination that you can try is the Jameson and sweet vermouth. Mix it up with some angostura bitter, and you will surely enjoy the classic Irish Manhattan.

If you want to try something new, you can go with Tipperary instead of enjoying New York’s cocktails. 

Tipperary is famous for Rock of Cashel, and it has been the birthplace of different finest Ireland musicians. Get to experience Tipperary by mixing some Jameson with Italian vermouth and Chartreuse. 

3. Lemonade / Lemon Juice

pitcher with lemonade and mint with lemons on the side

They say if life gives you a lemon, make some lemonade, but we say, make that lemonade and mix it with a classic Jameson whiskey.

Whether you have lemon juice or lemonade, you can make a refreshing and boozy cocktail with your childhood favorite drink. 

Jameson Irish whiskey is fruity, light, and floral, and it mixes great with the tartness and sweetness of lemon juice or lemonade. 

4. Ginger Ale

2 glasses of ginger ale with full of ice

We have here another classic whiskey mixer, an ice-cold refreshing ginger ale.

Jameson Irish whiskey mixes great with ginger ale; add some zingy lime, and you will have your signature Jameson Ginger Lime (JGL). 

Ginger ale is mellow, mild, and sweet but not as sweet as lemon-lime sodas. It is light and dry with some overtones of lemon-lime that surely compliment Jameson.

5. Soda Water

glass of soda water on a wooden table

Water is the best mixer for any whiskey, but you can elevate your cocktail using soda water instead. Chilled soda water with Jameson is purely divine, especially on a hot summer day. 

Soda water has a tart, refreshing taste similar to seltzer water. It has a slightly fruity and sour taste depending on the flavoring added.

It will give your Jameson drinks simple, clean, and fresh tasting notes. 

6. Cola

pouring bottle of cola on a glass

Cola is a popular mixer in distilled spirits, including Scotch, vodka, and bourbon. You can mix Coca-cola with Jameson as the sweetness of the cola masks up the bitterness of the Irish whiskey. 

You can whip up Jameson and Coke in just two minutes. Fill your glass with ice, then combine one part of Jameson Irish whiskey and two parts Coca-Cola. Stir it gently, then enjoy. 

7. Club Soda

a glass of club soda

If you are looking for a boozy thirst quencher or a quick party drink, you can mix Jameson with Club Soda. It is an easy-to-make cocktail and is one of the most popular drinks on Saint Patrick’s Day. 

Club Soda has a slight mineral flavor and can be slightly salty than a traditional seltzer. It boasts a fresh and clean taste, so better try it. 

8. Bitters & Sugar Cube 

old fashioned cocktail garnished with cherries and orange peel

Do not be fooled by the Old Fashioned name because the whiskey cocktail is young at heart. Old Fashioned is a classic whiskey cocktail that never goes out of style, and you can swap the classic bourbon with a good Irish whiskey

Muddle the sugar cube in a glass with bitters, then add some ice. Pour the Jameson Irish whiskey and stir it well until chilled. Don’t forget to finish it off with some orange peel on top. 

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Irish Mule Cocktail Recipe

Prep Time: 3 mins

Total Time: 3 mins


  • 2 oz Jameson Irish whiskey
  • 0.5 oz fresh lime juice
  • 4 oz ginger beer
  • Fresh mint and lime wedge


Combine the Irish whiskey, ginger beer, and lime juice in a copper mug. Add some ice and top it off with fresh mint and a lime slice. Serve it immediately. 

Serving: 1

FAQs Related to What to Mix with Jameson

What is the best way to enjoy Jameson whiskey?

The best way to enjoy Jameson whiskey is neat or on the rocks. Drinking it neat allows you to taste the Irish whiskey, and with some ice, you can open up other whiskey flavors.
However, since it is a versatile drink, some people enjoy drinking Jameson whiskey as a cocktail. 

What kind of whiskey is Jameson?

Jameson is a blended Irish whiskey. It is made in Ireland and has a light, fruity, floral, and mellow flavor profile.
Jameson is one of the world’s most popular Irish whiskey, with around 70% of sales of Irish whiskey coming from Jameson in 2021 [1]. 

Can Jameson be mixed with other ingredients?

Yes! Jameson can be mixed with a variety of ingredients to create delicious cocktails, enhancing its flavor and creating unique drink experiences.

What are some popular mixers for Jameson?

Popular mixers for Jameson include ginger ale, cola, lemon-lime soda, cranberry juice, apple juice, or simply enjoyed with a splash of water or on the rocks.

Are there any classic cocktails that feature Jameson as a main ingredient? 

Absolutely! Classic cocktails featuring Jameson include the Jameson Irish Mule, Jameson and Ginger, Jameson Sour, Irish Coffee, and the classic Jameson Old Fashioned.

Can I create my own Jameson cocktails?

Definitely! Experiment with different ingredients like herbs, spices, bitters, and syrups to create your own unique Jameson cocktails tailored to your taste preferences.

Do Jameson cocktails require special equipment or ingredients?

No, Jameson cocktails typically require just a shaker, glassware, ice, Jameson, and other ingredients like mixers or garnishes, which are readily available at most liquor stores and supermarkets.


Jameson Irish whiskey is a great choice for many because it is extremely mixable and enjoyable to drink.

The best mixers listed above can make your drinks more festive, especially if you have a bottle of Jameson Irish whiskey on hand. Try one today. 


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