What To Mix With Peach Crown: Resolved (2023 Updated)

Last Updated on June 22, 2023 by Lydia Martin

What’s interesting about Crown Royal Peach is it’s a versatile whiskey drink that tastes great with a variety of mixers. You can easily make savory and flavorful cocktail recipes out of the Peach Crown. 

But with all the drink mixers available, you might be confused about what to mix with Peach Crown best. We narrowed down the best mixers for Peach Crown that should be on top of your list. Let’s start.

Top 8 Mixers For Peach Crown

1. Lemon – Lime Soda

2 glasses of Lemon - Lime Soda on a countertop

The most popular Peach Crown mixer is lemon-lime soda. Soda’s citrusy flavor plus the taste of the Crown’s Georgia peaches mixes well in the mouth, creating a lively and silky feel. The sweetness of this mix is perfect for a hot summer day. 

We recommend making the Crown Royal Peach Ring drink – mixing Peach Crown with a dash of lemon-lime soda. It’s like an exciting gummy twist on an adult fruit drink.

2. Lemonade

a pitcher and glass of lemonade with lemon on a wooden board

Peach Crown and lemonade is a refreshing summertime drink. The delicious peach lemonade flavor comes through in this drink, which is light, refreshing, and sweet. 

Boozy lemonade is one of the go-to summer drinks of many drinkers because it’s refreshing and delicious.

The fruity flavor of Peach Crown adds to the tropical touch of lemonade on a summer cocktail recipe. 

3. Champagne & Orange Juice

two glasses of Champagne & Orange Juice cocktail garnish with strawberry on top

Peach Crown plus Champagne with orange juice is a must-try. The flavor of Champagne with a splash of orange juice and the Peach Crown makes up a sophisticated and refreshing drink.

We suggest adding some mint to complete a one-of-a-kind cocktail recipe. Serve this mix at your party or Sunday brunch to impress your family and friends. 

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4. Peach Juice

2 glasses of peach juice with peaches on the side

Since Peach Crown is a peach-based drink, why not mix it with peach juice, right? The peach juice adds a more tropical touch to the Peach Crown, enhancing its fruity flavor.

You can try garnishing it with fresh peaches with some hint of ginger fizz. When combined, this makes a great peachy whiskey slushy that’s perfect for watching the sunset while resting outdoors after an exhausting day.  

5. Sprite & Cherry Juice

2 glasses of Sprite & Cherry Juice with cherry on top for garnish

The combination of Peach Crown and sprite with cherry juice makes a sweet cocktail drink beyond the typical Crown Royal and sprite. 

When compared to a regular Crown and Sprite, the peach-infused whisky adds a noticeable sweetness to the drink with the citrusy flavor of sprite and cherry juice. This pair makes a great, refreshing drink that’s perfect for the summer. 

6. Peach Schnapps & Cream Soda

Peach Schnapps & Cream Soda with cherry and ice on a top of marbled countertop

Peach Snapps and cream soda is a great Peach Crown mixer. Since Peach Schnapps and Crown Royal Peach are both peach-infused drinks, they actually taste great together, especially when topped with cream soda.

To complete the combo, you can garnish it with cherry for a layer of distinct flavor. And don’t forget to fill your cocktail glass with ice cubes for a refreshing feel. Learn what to mix with Crown Apple here.

7. Cranberry Juice

pouring cranberry juice on a glass

Your Peach Crown experience cannot be completed if you can’t enjoy it with some cranberry juice. The flavor combo of Crown Royal Peach and cranberry juice makes a sophisticated cocktail drink.

Crown Royal Peach’s fruity flavor complements the tangy sweetness of cranberry. And with a splash of peach schnapps, it makes a unique and interesting cocktail. 

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8. Iced Tea

a glass of ice tea with lots of lemon

When the iced tea meets the smoothness of Peach Royal, it creates a refreshing and comforting cocktail recipe.

If you want something extra for your weekend family get-together, then we highly suggest the Crow Royal Peach Tea. 

The relaxing feel of tea pairs well with the fruity and refreshing flavor of the Peach Crown. Additionally, add some sliced fresh peaches to give it more twist. 


Is Crown Peach a limited edition?

Yes. Crown Peach is a limited edition release from Crown Royal [1] in honor of summer.

Crown Royal’s blender selects only the finest Crown Royal whiskies and infuses them with the flavor of fresh Georgia peaches to create this extraordinary blend. But is Crown Royal bourbon or not?

What is the best soda to mix Crown Royal with?

The best soda to mix with Crown Royal is lemon-lime soda and coke. Coke’s dulcet caramel pairs well with the vanilla, brown sugar, and oaky nuances of Crown Royal.

Also, the citrusy flavor of lemon-lime soda tastes great with the fruity flavor of Crown Royal. 

In Conclusion 

Peach Crown is one of the best Crown Royal liquors in the market – which you can mostly see at beach parties, pool parties, and so on. 

While Peach Crown is already sophisticated on its own, adding some drink mixers would make it extra. You can opt to mix it with lemon-lime soda, cranberry juice, ice tea, cream soda and peach schnapps, sprite, Champagne, or lemonade. 

Whichever suits your palate, you can never go wrong with the best mixers we list above. So try them all now to level up your next cocktail party. 



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