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Crown Royal Bag Ideas: What To Do (2024 Updated)

Crown Royal Bag Ideas

Crown Royal bottles come with a drawstring bag, and the iconic purple bag is instantly recognizable for anyone who loves Crown Royal Canadian whisky.  

These bags are reusable and useful in many ways. 

Here are some of the best Crown Royal bag ideas to show your love for the Crown Royal spirit. 

Top 8 Reuse Crown Royal Bags Ideas

8. Turn Them Into A Blanket

crown royal blanket

You can reuse the Crown Royal bags and turn them into a blanket.

The drawstring bags come with the Crown Royal logo, so you should not miss the name. 

Most Crown Royal bags are purple, but to name a few they can also come in black, blue, green, and red. 

You will need at least 50 bags to make a blanket, but it can vary depending on the size. We suggest getting all the logos at the center when making the blanket. 

7. Make Some Golf Club Holders

If you love playing golf and drinking Crown Royal, you can have the best of both worlds with golf club holders made from Crown Royal bags. 

Remove the stitches of the bags or cut the sides and use the fabric as an outer layer for the golf club holders.

Also, you can make a golf club head cover with Crown Royal bags. 

6. Use Them As Travel Organizing Bags

Crown Royal bags come in handy, especially if you love traveling because you can use them as a travel organizing bag. 

The crown royal bags come in different sizes depending on the bottles you will purchase.

The 375ml is 6” x 7.5”, 750ml is 7” x 9”, 7.5” x 10”, while the 1.75L is 9”x13”. 

You can put things like undergarments, toiletries, and socks, or even use them as a cosmetic bag. 

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5. Use As Dice Bags

dice bag

You can reuse your Crown Royal bags and utilize them as dice bags.

It is lightweight and comes with a gold rope drawstring to ensure that your dice will not fall off easily. 

Also, aside from holding dice, the large Crown Royal is enough to put on mahjong tiles or Rummikub tiles.

It is sturdy and comes in different sizes and colors. 

4. Create Cutesy Pillow Cases

Crown Royal bags make cutesy pillowcases; you will need some Crown Royal bags and four golden tassels if you want to be extra.

You can cut off the sides of the Crown Royal bags and then cut a square with the logo in it.

Have all the logos in the center front of the pillow case and the plain ones at the back. 

You can use the golden drawstrings and place them on the sides of the pillowcase and add a golden tassel on end for royalty vibes. But does Crown Royal whisky go bad?

3. Turn Them Into Garments

Yes, you can turn the Crown Royal bags into garments. You can make a ball gown or swimwear with Crown Royal bags. 

Crown Royal bags are made from soft woven fabric, so it is nice to wear.

In addition, you can turn the Crown Royal bags into a dress and use the drawstrings as the belt. 

“For years, we have been aware of consumers repurposing Crown Royal bags to store valuable possessions… to fashion items” – Jimmy Johnson, Crown Royal Spokesperson.  

2. Sew Them & Make Some Pants

Crown Royal bags make comfy pants. You can use a pair of pants as a pattern for your Crown Royal pants. 

Cut the bag into equal squares and sew it to make some pants.

You can also use different colors of Crown Royal bags to make colorful and appealing pants. 

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1. Craft A Grand Quilt

Crown Royal Bag Turned Into a Quilted Blanket

You can make a grand quilt that fits a King with Crown Royal bags.

Remove the stitching in the bags to create quilts, sew them together, and layer them with flannel or fleece for more comfortable bedding. 

It may take you anywhere from 32 to 100 Crown Royal bags or more to make a quilt, and good thing you can find online stores that sell bags, so you don’t have to hoard all the whiskies. 

FAQs Related to Crown Royal Bag Ideas

How many Crown Royal bags does it take to make a blanket?

You may need at least 50 Crown Royal bags to make a blanket. However, if you want a King size blanket, it will take at least 200 bags or more. 

Do people collect Crown Royal bags?

Yes, people collect Crown Royal bags.
Since the bags are reusable and functional, many people are drawn to collecting and making things out of them. 

Are crown royal bags worth anything?

Yes, Crown Royal bags have worth. Some people collect and are willing to pay for the bags, plus you can donate them to Crown Royal in exchange for care packages for American militaries [1].

What can I do with Crown Royal bags?

Crown Royal bags can be repurposed for a variety of creative uses beyond holding whiskey bottles.

What are some unique ideas for using Crown Royal bags?

Some unique ideas for using Crown Royal bags include storing jewelry, organizing small items like dice or marbles, creating homemade sachets, or even crafting unique clothing or accessories.

Can I use Crown Royal bags for DIY projects?

Yes, Crown Royal bags are often used in DIY projects such as quilting, crafting, or making homemade gifts like drawstring pouches or lavender sachets.

Are there any practical uses for Crown Royal bags?

Yes, Crown Royal bags can be practical for storing small tools, guitar picks, coins, or even as protective covers for delicate items like glassware or electronics.

Can I repurpose Crown Royal bags for travel?

Yes, Crown Royal bags can be used for travel purposes, such as storing toiletries, organizing cables and chargers, or keeping shoes separate from other items in a suitcase.

Key Takeaways

Crown Royal bags make classy presentations when gifting whisky, but you can repurpose them to store a handful of items. 

Crown Royal bag’s luxurious exterior is classy and sturdy enough to be used as bedding and garments.

It can been used for crafts like pillows, dresses, club holders, and quilts that you will surely love. 


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