8 Best Golf Drinking Games: Elevate the Greens with Fun (2023)

Last Updated on November 21, 2023 by Lydia Martin

Golf drinking games add an extra layer of enjoyment to your time on the course. 

They’re perfect for breaking the ice, spicing up a friendly round with buddies, or even turning a regular game of golf into an unforgettable adventure. 

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite drinking (exciting) games and tips on how to play them like a pro. 

Top 8 Fun Drinking Games To Play For Golf Buddies

1. Birdie

Pouring Beer on a Cup

The Birdie game is a popular drinking game embraced by golfers because it adds an exciting twist to a round of golf. 

“I don’t let birdies and pars get in the way of having a good time.” – Angelo Spagnolo, Golfer

In this golf-drinking game, participants take a shot, and when the group scores, they will not drink. However, if players fail to secure a birdie or higher, they face the “punishment” of taking a shot or enjoying two drinks. 

2. Even & Odd

This is a great golf-drinking game where the golfer takes one hole only, even or odd number. Before the tee shot, players will predict whether the next hole will be an even or odd hole.

When the golfer hits the odd-numbered hole, or the golf ball lands on odd holes, but they predict the wrong hole, other players have to take a drink.

3. Hazard Play

Water hazards can be tricky to play, but what’s interesting is the penalties that the Water Hazard drinking game brings.

In regular golf, if your ball goes into the water, you must add an extra stroke before your next shot.

Landing in water hazard traps usually means taking extra sips of your drink. It makes the game more fun, so get your shot glasses ready.

4. Tee Box Drinking Game

Playing Drinking Game

I like to call this fun golf-drinking game the great equalizer because it levels the playing field and is ideal for larger groups to take a drink.

Every golfer starts by teeing off from the farthest tee box on the course. As you play and move closer to the hole, you’ll either take a shot or have a sip of beer.

5. Keep Your Beer In Your Hand

This fun game works like this: you need to always have a beer in your hand while you’re on the course, except when you’re hitting the ball.

If you have to put your beer down or forget to keep holding it, you have to finish the entire beer and then start over with a fresh one. Sounds simple.

Well, not so fast. The challenge is that every time you take a drink, you increase the chances of forgetting to hold the next one.

6. Mulligan

In this game, if you take a few mulligans per nine holes, there’s a little gift waiting for you – a shot or a sip of beer.

It adds a fun challenge to your game while encouraging everyone to think twice before taking that mulligan [1] and enjoy (or be punished) with one drink (or a few drinks).

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7. Don’t Forget Your Beer

If, by chance, you forget to hold your beer or put it down, the penalty is clear – you’ll need to drink beer and start fresh with a new one.

Sounds like a breeze, right? Well, here’s the twist: every time you take a shot, you’re raising the stakes. The more you sip, the greater the chance you’ll forget to hold your next one.

8. Lower Your Score

Each golfer in your group can deduct one stroke for every drink they enjoy. Sounds like a fun bonus, right? Here’s what the game requires: as you sip away, the ball becomes trickier to hit and possibly get the lowest score.

“Golf may be the only sport where you can improve with a drink in hand.” -Liquor Laboratory

This tipsy golf challenge guarantees a unique and entertaining day on the greens. Just remember to swing responsibly!

Note: The ranking was determined based on various factors, including popularity, simplicity, and the potential for fun and engagement.


How do you turn golf into a drinking game?

To turn golf into a drinking game, you can introduce various rules and challenges that involve taking drinks or shots based on specific outcomes during the game. 

Players can drink when they miss a shot or achieve a specific score, or they can assign drinks to different events on the course. 

Beer Bogey, Beer Handicap, Closest to the Pin Wins, Highest Score, Chip In Game (Chip Shots), Dreaded Bunker Shots, and Sand Trap Game (Sand Traps) are some of the best golf-drinking games to try in the next round.

Do people drink while golfing?

Yes, many people enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages while golfing. Even the best golfers drink while playing golf [2]. 

Fun golf games like Chip Shot are an everyday social activity on the golf course, and golf courses often have facilities like bars and beverage carts that sell your favorite adult beverages. 

Wrapping Up

The most popular drinking games not only challenge players’ golfing skills but also foster camaraderie and fun on the course. It adds a unique and enjoyable dimension to the traditional golf game. 

Aside from the golf games mentioned above, Fairway Drinking Game, Drunken Driver, Sand Trap Drinking Game, Hole in One, and Loser Pays are some games to play.

Fun games are created for golfers to enjoy, and while drinking alcohol is allowed on golf courses, please drink responsibly. 




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