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Party Drinking Jenga: Ultimate Guide to Tower-Toppling Fun

Party Drinking Jenga

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Jenga drinking games have brought life to gatherings I’ve hosted. It may sound simple, but as you and your friends take turns pulling blocks and enjoying cocktails, you can expect solid laughter and awesome memories after every pull.

Here are the best party-drinking Jenga gameplays I’ve played and personally enjoyed, and I hope you will, too.

Trust me – they’re an absolute must-have for friends who share a love for excitement and alcohol. Let’s begin.

Top 5 Drinking Jenga Games You Need To Try

1. Tipsy Tower

Tipsy Tower Jenga Game

Average Price: Around $40 (Amazon)

Star Rating: ★★★★★

Why We Like It: This is the ultimate Jenga drinking game that adds more fun to your parties.

Here’s how you play drunk Jenga: players take turns pulling one Jenga block without causing the tower to topple. Then, they follow the rule described at the bottom of the block.

Some of the best classic rules are “make a rule,” “take a shot,” and “give a drink for a drink,” among others. The game is over when the tower falls like a waterfall. [1]

“Jenga: Where fun and balance meet, one block at a time.” – Liquor Laboratory 

It offers a whopping 35 gameplays with 54 blocks, each featuring a new game or rule.

2. Buzzed Blocks

Buzzed Blocks

Average Price: Around $20 (Amazon)

Star Rating: ★★★★

Why We Like It: This is another fantastic Jenga drinking game, complete with its own set of unique rules.

There are hilarious rules on 40 of the blocks, but 14 of them are blank. This allows you to decide on various fun rules to add to the game.

3. Six Senses Black Light Tumble Tower

Glowing Jenga

Average Price: Around $30 (Amazon)

Star Rating: ★★★★

Why We Like It: This includes 54 premium quality birch woods, with funny rules on 45 of them. Nine blank blocks allow you to decide and write your own tasks.

This game has a cool glow-in-the-dark twist, which becomes super memorable and trippy as you play and drink.

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4. Drunken Tower Drinking Game


Average Price: Around $20 (Amazon)

Star Rating: ★★★

Why We Like It: This is not your ordinary stacking block game – the deluxe version comes with four shot glasses for drinks. Once the tower’s built, you can start following the instructions and enjoying drinks.

5. ArtCreativity Tumbling Tower Drinking Game

Average Price: Around $22 (Amazon)

Star Rating: ★★★ 

Why We Like It: This durable Jenga drinking game boasts an impressive 60 blocks and four shot glasses – the perfect companions for drinks as the tower topples!

Note: Each game was ranked based on a perfect blend of strategic challenge, entertainment value, and the ability to enhance the social experience.

Jenga Drinking Game Ideas

  • Arm Wrestle with Another Person: Challenge someone to a wrestling battle for the night. The loser drinks.
  • Does Anyone Need Anything?: Draw the name of a person and fetch drinks for them for one round.
  • Finish Your Drink: Sip and finish the rest of your drink.
  • Go Again: Take another block and drink!
  • Staring Contest: The first person to blink drinks.
  • Old Man Jenkins: The oldest player drinks from their cup.
  • Girls! Ladies, drink!
  • Boys! Guys, drink!
  • Everyone! All players drink.
  • Draw a Face on Your Big Toe and Make it Talk: Get creative with your toe’s stand-up routine. [2]
  • Impressionist: Draw the name of a person on the table and let others guess who it is by making an impression of them. If others guess correctly, you drink, but if they don’t, everyone else drinks!
  • Sobriety Test: Walk in a straight line.
  • Two Truths, One Lie: Tell one lie about yourself (alongside a couple of truths) and let the group guess. Those who get the wrong answer drink.
  • Blind Kiss: Blind kiss someone in the group. If the person guesses it correctly, the kisser drinks, and if you don’t, you drink.
  • Pterodactyl: Gather everyone in the group and get them to say “pterodactyl” without teeth. Drink afterwards.
  • Left Hand Challenge: Pull out a block using your left (or non-dominant) hand. If you knock the tower over, you drink.
  • Word Rhyme: Everyone must say a word that rhymes until you all run out! Drink afterwards.

    “Good friends, good drinks, and good times are the recipe for lifelong memories.” – Jimmy Buffet, Businessman

  • Neighbors: Compliment the person on either side of you, then drink.

FAQs Related to Party Drinking Jenga

What is Party Drinking Jenga?

Party Drinking Jenga is a variation of the classic Jenga game that incorporates drinking rules or challenges on each of the wooden blocks. Players take turns removing blocks from the tower and must perform the associated action written on the block.

How do you play Party Drinking Jenga?

To play Party Drinking Jenga, set up the Jenga tower as you would for the traditional game. Write drinking rules or challenges on each block before stacking them. Players take turns removing blocks and following the instructions on the block they pull. If the tower collapses, the player responsible for the collapse may have to take an additional drink or perform a dare.

What are some common drinking rules or challenges in Party Drinking Jenga?

Common rules or challenges in Party Drinking Jenga include taking a drink, assigning drinks to other players, performing a dare or task, telling a joke, answering a question, or making a rule for the game.

Can I customize the drinking rules for Party Drinking Jenga?

Yes, Party Drinking Jenga is highly customizable. Players can personalize the rules or challenges to suit their preferences, such as incorporating themed prompts, inside jokes, or specific drinking tasks.

Is Party Drinking Jenga suitable for all ages?

No, Party Drinking Jenga involves consuming alcohol, so it is only suitable for legal drinking age participants who can drink responsibly. Non-alcoholic alternatives or modified versions of the game can be created for underage participants or those who prefer not to drink.

In Summary

These drunk Jenga matches are all worth checking out, but our top pick would have to be the classic Tipsy Tower.

Tipsy Tower’s unique and engaging rules, versatility, and the number of game possibilities it offers earn it our top spot. With a whopping 35 gameplays and 54 blocks in one set, it is a surefire way to get the fun going.

Of course, you don’t have to drink, but if you do, drink responsibly. Don’t forget to take a group selfie, too.


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