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Should You Add Whiskey To Cologne? Explained (2024)

should you add whiskey to cologne

Wearing a signature scent is an interesting way to represent yourself. Like your favorite aged whiskey – warm, musky, smokey, woody with a burst of citrus and sweet honey vanilla notes. But should you add whiskey to cologne? Isn’t that an odd thing to do? Let’s find out.  

Should You Add Whiskey to Cologne?

Coffee & Whiskey

Adding whiskey to cologne is acceptable and has been used by established perfume makers for years. 

Depending on someone’s preference, you can choose the whiskey aroma you get to wear as there are unmistakably good scents found in whiskeys. 

The alcohol in your whiskey will act as a diluent (1) to the oils and picking the right essential oils will be the basis for the success of your scent. 

Why You Should Add Whiskey To Cologne 

You should add whiskey to cologne if you want to wear a unique scent. The simplicity of a cologne’s scent will be amplified with whiskey since these are great diluents.

To get the best results, pick a cologne that’s highly and purely concentrated. 

Adding whiskey can increase the cologne’s sillage, making it appear as if you have a cloud of pleasant whiskey scent around you. 

How Do You Make A Homemade Whiskey Cologne?

How Do You Make A Homemade Whiskey Cologne?Ingredients

  • 2.5 ounces whiskey
  • 2 tbsp. Distilled water
  • 0.5-ounce sweet almond or jojoba oil
  • Ten drops of middle note essential oils
  • Six drops top note essential oils
  • Four drops of base note essential oils
  • Bridge notes essential oils (optional)


Prepare a dark-colored spray bottle. Evaporation is slower with these types of bottles as lesser light will come in.

Add your sweet almond or jojoba oil, followed by your chosen base notes, middle notes, and top notes essential oils. 

Make sure to do it in this order. Add whiskey and then shake the bottle. Allow the scent to develop within two to six weeks.

The longer it matures, the better the smell. Once the scent is achieved, add water and shake. Your whiskey cologne should be ready to use. 

How Whiskey Cologne Smells

Tennessee Whiskey

The scent of whiskey in cologne is not unpleasant. Depending on your chosen liquor’s strongest flavor, it normally emits a masculine scent of musk, charred wood, honey, and caramel. 

The scent of your chosen essential oil is diluted by the ethanol found in whiskey. But you must carefully choose your base, middle and top notes to produce a smell you would like to wear. Do some experiments first. 

FAQs Related to Should You Add Whiskey to Cologne?

How much whiskey do you put in cologne?

You can put 70-80% whiskey on your mix. Your essential oils will blend beautifully with the alcohol without an overpowering smell. It would be best to add the oils gradually to test the strength of the scent.

Will adding whiskey to cologne make it flammable?

Yes, adding whiskey to cologne will make it flammable because of the ethyl alcohol ingredient. Some regular colognes also use this type of alcohol. It is considered a shipping danger and classified as “hazard class 3.”

Should You Add Whiskey to Cologne to Enhance Scent?

No, it’s not advisable to add whiskey or any other alcoholic beverage to cologne. Alcohol can alter the fragrance composition, potentially causing irritation to the skin and compromising the quality of the cologne.

Does Adding Whiskey to Cologne Change Its Scent?

Yes, adding whiskey to cologne can potentially alter its scent, as the alcohol in whiskey may interact with the fragrance ingredients. However, this alteration is not recommended, as it can diminish the cologne’s quality and effectiveness.

Are There Any Benefits to Adding Whiskey to Cologne?

There are no proven benefits to adding whiskey to cologne. In fact, doing so can lead to skin irritation, dilution of the fragrance, and potential damage to the cologne’s composition.

Can Adding Whiskey to Cologne Make It Last Longer?

Adding whiskey to cologne is unlikely to make it last longer. In fact, it may have the opposite effect by diluting the fragrance and reducing its staying power on the skin.

Does Adding Whiskey to Cologne Pose Any Health Risks?

Yes, adding whiskey to cologne can pose health risks, especially if the altered cologne comes into contact with the skin. Alcohol can cause irritation, dryness, and allergic reactions when applied topically.

Is There a Safe Way to Incorporate Whiskey Scent into Personal Grooming?

Rather than adding whiskey directly to cologne, individuals may explore whiskey-inspired colognes or grooming products that feature whiskey notes in their fragrance compositions.

Can Whiskey Be Used in Other Personal Grooming Products?

While whiskey itself is not typically used in personal grooming products, there are grooming products on the market that incorporate whiskey-inspired scents without the need for actual whiskey.

In A Nutshell 

You should add whiskey to your cologne if you prefer to wear a unique scent. It requires careful measurement and a lot of experimentation to reach a specific smell, which would depend on your preference. 

The normal scent of a whiskey is a pleasant note of vanilla, honey, and smoked wood. With the right measurements, your cologne’s scent will emit the savory taste of your favorite whiskey, less the pungent alcohol smell.

You can wear a scent with a complex character and pure masculinity. 



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