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Tesla Tequila Bottle Review & Price Guide (2024 Updated)

Tesla Tequila Buying Guide

Last Updated on April 12, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Elon Musk is the new Midas of this generation. His success didn’t come overnight, and he truly worked hard on his inventions. He also ventured into areas where he did not have the expertise, but he turned it into gold. A new addition to this is Tesla tequila. Is this a golden product?

Let us all find out with this in-depth Tesla tequila review. 

All About Tesla Tequila

Tesla Tequila

Tesla tequila came out in November 2020. Their website says their product is “an exclusive, small-batch premium 100 percent de agave tequila añejo.”  Musk hired a team that developed a smooth, fruity, vanilla, and oaky-flavored tequila. There is no burn as it goes down the throat. 

Fun Facts

Fun Facts

How It’s Made

After being slow-cooked in brick ovens, Tesla Tequilas go through the usual fermentation and double distillation process. These are stored in French oak barrels instead of American oak barrels for fifteen months. 

Main Ingredients

Agave Plant

The main ingredient used in this Musk’s tequila is the Blue Weber agave. However, Casa Maestri, the distillery that produced the initially released bottles, combined agaves from the lowlands and highlands of Jalisco. 

Flavor Notes

Tesla tequila has a light vanilla nose with notes of dry fruit. It has a clean taste on the palate with a slight burn and a balanced cinnamon pepper finish. Elon Musk’s tequila is a good tequila with the smoothness best savored when sipped and drank neat. 

Tesla Decanter

Tesla Decanter with box

The Tesla Decanter is a special bottle shaped like lightning [1], 31 cm long and 16 cm wide. The lightning-shaped bottle is said-to-be hand-blown glass, and it has a stand that allows it to be a table’s centerpiece. 

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Who Makes It?

Elon Musk commissioned Nosotros tequila to create the alcohol drinks. However, since Mexico’s Tequila Regulatory Council had issues regarding the brand name and production, these bottles are also made in Mexico by Casa Maestri.

Does Elon Musk Own Tesla Tequila?

Elon Musk

Yes, Elon Musk owns Tesla tequila. Everyone initially thought this was an April fool’s joke in 2018. Two years later, he made it happen, as expected by most people who know how he thinks. 

There was a time he sold $500 flamethrowers, and everyone thought it was just another story he wanted to tell. He initially wanted to name his tequila brand Teslaquila which Mexico’s tequila Regulatory Council stopped. 

Is It Anything Special? 

The hand-blown bottle is special. The alcohol, though, does not taste exceptionally different than any tequila drink produced. However, it tastes very similar to high-end brands with higher price tags.

How To Drink Tesla Tequila

Tesla Tequila Bottle

Tesla’s tequila is perfect for sipping. It was aged just enough to acquire the peppery notes of the French barrels. It does not have an exaggerated sweetness compared to other brands. There is no better way to enjoy it but neat.

Common Tesla Tequila Price

Bottle Size Alcohol Content Average Price
Tesla Tequila Añejo 750ml 40% Approximately $420

Compared to Other Tequilas 

Compared to Other Tequilas 

Don Julio

Don Julio is a premium brand that has clean agave flavors that are almost similar to Tesla’s tequila. But the absence of other sweet flavors such as butterscotch and citrus crossed the similarities. Price-wise, Don Julio 1942, a special release, is roughly $183 per 750ml.



Casamigos has a complex blend with a sweet, sugary, and hot mixture with light to medium oil. Pepper is very evident in Tesla tequila. Casamigos end with a creamy, peppery taste with a light heat that lingers and a sweet aftertaste. It is sold roughly at $60 per 750ml. 


Patron is an ultra-premium brand that makes the Gran Burdeos tequila. It is different from Tesla’s since this is aged in American and French barrels, then re-distilled and kept in vintage Bordeaux barrels. 

The taste has evident oak and vanilla that fades quickly. This special release is priced at around $516 per 750ml, slightly higher than Tesla.

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Is Tesla tequila still available?

Tesla tequila is no longer available even after its second release in April 2022. They went out of stock fast despite a limit of two bottles per person. 

Is the Tesla decanter limited?

Yes, the Tesla decanter is limited, and there are no deals done other than in Tesla’s China and Europe stores. 

Final Thoughts 

Tesla tequila is a decent, good-tasting spirit with a very interesting-looking bottle. That is, to sum up, what Musk contributed to the liquor business. The guy deals with many things, but his team developed a good version of Mexico’s pride. 

The story and reviews coming from people who bought the product are mixed. There is nothing outside the box from its flavor, but it has a unique bottle. The flavor isn’t so great that it can take you to Mars. 



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